Brent and Donna Wedding Photos

Brent and Donna’s (yours truly) wedding was held at the San Diego Downtown Outdoor overlooking by the bay area last September. 24, 2014 with some of our families and friends. I just wish my family from PI was here too, I will be more happy.


Wedding Ceremony headed by non-denominational wedding officiant.


 Exchanging our vows, joining us at the wedding ceremony stage with Raymond (my son) I have no idea what is he looking at, Ava and Leo (Brent’s niece and nephew) .


 Raymond seems fascinated and Leo is seriously observing

vow 2

  Exchanging wedding rings.




And then…. You may now kiss the bride!


I knew this will happen but for some reason I forgot about the kissing scene on the wedding day itself. You’ll never know how does it feel until you really experienced it! 🙂

Shy me, Raymond still enjoying the ceremony and Leo is still seriously stunned!

After Kiss_LR-PS

 Our first picture together after the ceremony.


  Raymond throwing rose petals, Yey! Long live newly weds!


   Signing of the witnesses while kids are throwing the petals. Really appreciate the boys were all dressed in Barong tagalog.



Our lovely Wedding Rings. In Brent’s wedding ring, I can see our reflection and Evan too (Brent’s brother – our camera man)

BD Wedding-23

Just random photos greeting our families and guests after the ceremony.


From Brent side of the family




With family friend Jenny


With Brent’s Mom and David


With Brent’s brother Evan and gorgeous girlfriend Ally


With Brent’s friend from college – Jon


In front of San Diego Downtown Courthouse


Brent trying to carry me 🙂


Candid photos taken by friend Jon, discussing where did I got my wedding gown.


Kids getting bored maybe 😉



More photos experimented after the wedding

The Red Flower Wedding Bouquet

BD Wedding-41_WM

Up close on my wedding gown



I am glad that before I fly to US, I had my wedding gown (by Edward Teng) made in PI. Really worth it, coz I heard some of the bride just rent a wedding gown here in US because it’s very expensive. My gown is really not the finest creation of Edward Teng, it is one of the flower festival gown in velvet but I just ordered new one measured to my size and made it white! Just being wise and practical.

Hair and Makeup done by yours truly. I tried having makeup practice done by the makeup artist but not success, Asian eyes really hard and usually they are not used to the shape of my eye because I don’t have a fold, and since I knew my face skin type and my eyes well – I decided to apply my own makeup.

For my hair, since I am not used to styling, I just made it simple and comfortable and then decorated it with bridal floral hair clips and floral hair pins.


Thanks to all my families and friends for the love and support they are giving us.  The long distance relationship ends here and we will begin our new chapter of life together.

Special thanks to: Evan – photographer and Jon – videographer

Thank you for visiting my site. See yah!

 Next post will be the Reception which held last Sep. 27, 2014


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