My Mom’s Successful Tourist Visa Story

This Holiday Season we want to spend time with my Mom in Philippines, however due to our busy schedule – we don’t think it can be possible. So we decided our Mom to go here in US! But, there’s only one challenge – To pass the Visa Interview.

My Mom never traveled outside Philippines, so she have no idea what it feels like being interviewed at the US Embassy. She is worried and nervous as I could imagine.

I prepared all the documents that I think she needs in order to show something to the consul like Invitation Letter, our Immigration Status (Green Card Photocopy, etc.) and my husband’s certificate of employment. Then she added to the document – my little sister’s college enrollment receipt as a proof of strong ties to the Philippines that she will go back after visiting the United States, coz she still looks after her.

She felt so overwhelmed after gathering all those papers! – “Geeeez! How can I present all of these?!”, she said.. Well, here how it goes.

My Moms Successful Tourist Visa Story

Passport arrived 1 week after the Interview with B1/B2 Visa 10 Yr. Multiple Entry!

Sep. 8, 2017 at the US Embassy Philippines

American Consul: What do you want to do in US?
Mom: I want to visit my daughter. (She said her voice “swerved” coz she’s so nervous!)

American Consul: “Ilan ang anak mo?” (How many children do you have?)
Mom: “Lima po.” (Five)
(She said she was so surprised when the Consul spoke Tagalog that made her voice totally gone out of control, LOL!)

American Consul: Ilan ang apo mo? (How many grandchildren do you have?)
Mom: “Anim po.” (Six)

American Consul: “Anim ang nasa US?” (All 6 in US?)
Mom: “Ay hindi, sa lahat na yun.” (No, that’s all in all from my children)

American Consul: Put my Mom’s passport on the side and said – “Your visa is Granted!”
Mom could not thank him enough and left the US Embassy happy!

As per conversation to my Mom — they just asked for the passport, they didn’t look any of the documents we prepared. Interview took only about 2 minutes.

Yey! she will gonna be our regular visitor!

My Mom’s B1/B2 Visa Application Timeline:

Aug. 28, 2017 – Printed US Visa Fee Deposit Slip and paid the fee amount at BPI Bank.
Aug. 29, 2017 – Filled-up DS-160 and scheduled an Interview via on line.
Sep. 08, 2017 – B1/B2 Visa Interview at the US Embassy. VISA GRANTED!
Sep. 14, 2017 – Passport arrived at home with B1/B2 Visa 10 Yr. Multiple Entry!
Sep. 18, 2017 – Reserved Two-way Ticket!
Dec. 11, 2017 – Flight schedule going to US
Jan. 8, 2018 – Flight schedule back to Philippines


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